Presented by Date Model Memo
2012-3-4 NF9C The power consumption of the Jetway NF9C-2600 is excellent, not exceeding 20W at any point during testing and only used 17W at rest.…more
2011-6-3 NF81 Overall, the Jetway NF81-T56N-LF is a great motherboard for both specialized industrial applications and consumer needs.…more
2011-5-13 HI08 The Jetway HI08 series P67 motherboard will be well worth the money though, it perhaps could have had a little more on-edge features wise with the competition in mind, but it is without doubt an excellent and very stable motherboard.…more
2010-12-10 Mini-Top This very small and convenient offering is also the only Atom-equipped model in our comparison that has four USB ports. The Jetway is the most flexible nettop in our comparison to be sure, and a great option for folks who want to choose the hard disk and RAM they prefer…more
2010-10-13 Mini-Top the Mini-TOP is an interesting product that offers a lot of features compressed in a really tiny box…more
2010-8-27 NC98-525E Overall, whether you are planning to be using the Jetway NC98-525-LF for building an HTPC, or just a mini low cost system that can do some light gaming, this board is indeed very competitive in today's market for a well rounded mini-ITX build!…more
2010-8-18 NC98-525E Not only has Jetway succeeded in creating a board that performs to the expectations of its targeted audience, it also does while conserving both space and cost…more
2010-6-14 NC84E The JNC84-LF both saves space with its micro-ATX form fact while keeping the costs down. The it also gives the user the flexibility of a full fledged motherboard with on-board graphics…more
2010-5-10 NC64 The motherboard has a great ability as a HTPC for both Linux and Windows…more
2010-5-3 NF96FL Jetway JNF96FL-510-LF is a solid and stable platform for a highly energy-efficient low-power computer…more
2010-4-23 NC96FL Overall I was very impressed by the NC96FL, it held up well under testing without the first BSOD and is still going strong…more
2010-4-8 NC84 That's a massive improvement in the open field HTPC…more
2010-4-8 NC94FL-LF All in all the plethora of connectivity options make this motherboard an attractive choice for those who need some flexibility with their Atom based computing solution.…more
2010-1-24 NC63-330 The board connectivity is very good; I liked the extra HDMI connector which I did not see on other IPC boards…more
2010-1-13 NC93-330W Jetway accomplished just what they set out to do with the NC93-330W-LF and that was to allow individuals to build a ultra low power rig.…more
2010-1-12 NC81 Jetway NC81-LF can be a very quiet and fast multimedia center that can be used not only for watching movies, but also for comfortable work in the OS, especially if you bring the RAM to 4 GB.…more
2009-12-29 ION-Top The system, however, performs its original function extremely well. In fact that it does everything an HTPC would ever need to do – surf the net, record HD content and play back HD flix.…more
2009-12-27 Ecomo EM100BV Jetway’s netbook looks sleek and very professional. The optional 3G modem and bluetooth, help transform this netbook into a corporate road warrior’s delight.…more
2009-12-7 MA3785GP We saw just how well it did perform as it was put up against another motherboard basically in the same league…more
2009-5-21 NF94 a reliable solution that can surprise and delight either in our office and even the use of multimedia to 720p resolution…more
2009-5-21 NF94 This motherboard is a clear winner if you need a card to make small server tasks, and make it without electricity bill runs crazy…more
2009-5-20 NF94 Beim Jetway "NF94-270-LF" handelt es sich um ein perfektes Mini-ITX Mainboard für den Einsatz in einem Nettop System.…more
2009-5-18 ATOM-GM1-330 Dentro del ámbito de productos Micro-ATX, Jetway con su ATOM-GM1-330 brinda uno que llama la atención cuyas…more
2009-5-18 NF93 With absolute values in a dream performance requirements and performance as well as a power that almost every desktop PC is…more
2009-5-8 NC93 more
2009-5-4 NF94 The Jetway Mini ITX NF94 motherboard turned out to be a pretty good general purpose board that offers plenty of extras to help you complete any PC project you may have…more
2009-3-24 NC92-330 Jetway appears to have made some nice improvements to the way it handles the memory controller on the 945GC northbridge…more
2009-3-5 NF76 This is also a system that is meant to consume very little in Idle and Full load conditions…more
2009-2-27 NF94 This system is perfect for browsing the internet, watching DivX movies, and, in some cases watching HD 720 movies…more
2009-2-21 XBLUE-P45 The motherboard scored very good compared to the Memory Lover motherboard from MSI and I could keep the CPU stable, 3GHz at only 1.28V.…more
2009-1-25 NC92 El NC92-230-LF de Jetway es una alternativa a tener en cuenta para aquellos interesados en placas base Mini-ITX…more
2009-1-6 NC91 Overall, this is board incredibly impressive, and if you are looking to build a tiny PC that can do a little bit of everything, this is where to start…more
2008-12-23 BI-500 Our top two picks for overclockers are the ASRock P45XE and Jetway BI-500. The BI-500 allowed slightly better CPU stability…more
2008-12-17 NC92 If you are after a lightweight "nettop" or desktop computer centered around Intel's Atom, we have no problems recommending this Jetway IPC board…more
2008-12-17 NC92 Overall this Jetway NC92 is a well laid out piece of art. The amount of options that they included on this tiny motherboard almost rivals those of a full-size breed…more
2008-7-24 NC62K It's a pretty awesome board, with RR running, playing ASIO and Nav, CPU consumption is around 9-10%. With the addition of visualization, it shoots to about 30%…more
2008-5-20 NC62K All in all, it's a very low power and tiny motherboard with HDMI and DVI (with HDCP) and oodles of other features that vary its application. It even has a comprehensive BIOS that really surprised us…more
2008-1-22 PA78GT3 Jetway has put up an interesting IGP solution for the AM2+ processor…If you intend to build a HTPC capable of playing back Blu-Ray/HD-DVD in H.264/VC-1, this board with a X2 5000+ should be sufficient for your needs…more
2007-11-13 PA77GTA-VT Overall, the Jetway PA77GTA-VA is classified as the entry level Spider platform mainboard …more
2007-10-8 I35P-SG Jetway IP35-SG has made a good overclocking board based on the P35 chipset. The BIOS could be made to support the DDR2-1066 through overclocking perhaps to make the system run faster. Overall, a commendable effort for making this board a good alternative oc boards out there …more
2007-9-12 M2A692-GDG The M2A692-GDG is just loaded with features …more
2007-5-26 966PDAG-PB Performance on a budget …more
2007-5-21 M2A692-GDG AMD 690G Chipset Based Motherboard, M2A692-GDG takes the lead …more
2007-5-18 HD2900XT Crossfire Now not only is the entire package good, the price is really good as well …more
2007-5-14 HD2900XT The Jetway HD2900XT is a card filled with nice features. Together with the bundled Valve Black Box it offers excellent value for the money …more
2007-5-13 HD2900XT Jetway HD2900XT …more
2007-5-2 HI02-GE If you are looking for a heatpipe, quiet board, the Jetway HI02GE's elegant black PCB design with heatpipe might just be the board you should look out for …more
2006-8-14 775GT2-LOG Perform slightly better than the Intel 975x, 965P and other boards in 3D performance …more
2006-6-4 J7F2WE1G5 we were amazed by stability of this board... Not only it worked from +65 to -40C, it even survived a 'cold start' at -40°C …This proves that this motherboard is using high quality components. Reasonably priced when compared with other motherboards this board is a clear winner …more
2005-10-18 945GDAGDual Overall, this board appears to do very well in performance …more
2005-8-24 939GT4-SLI Highly recommend to both the non-overclocking AMD user and the AMD Enthusiast …more
2004-11-19 915P-TWIN Jetway's 915P-TWIN offers an exception with a mobo that the company says allows two users to share a single PC …more