1. Please check our FAQs first, and follow our Self-Help procedure below.

2. To identify a faulty motherboard:

  • Bare bones testing: remove all components from the motherboard except the memory and the processor. Boot the machine. If the test passes, the motherboard speaker will issue a beep and you can see BIOS menu on display.
  • Cross testing: replace component (e.g. CPU or RAM) with known working component. Only replace one component at a time. Check the original part in a working system.
  • Check spec: some boards require newer BIOS to suppport upcoming CPU and some boards require special DDR3L with 1.35V.

3. Fill out Tech Support Form and contact us:

Tech Support Request

Tech Support Request Form for all customers in the Americas


Tech Support Request in different regions, such as Europe and Asia


  • Hardware Configuration and Problem Description: (please keep in mind that we have to recreate the problem with the information you have given us. Incomplete information will cause delay on solving your problem.)

4. Email Tech Support Form to Jetway USA Tech Support Department - tech@jetwaycomputer.com, and our Tech team will reply you in a timely manner.

* How to identify BIOS, PCB, and BOM revision:
To troubleshoot issues for your Jetway motherboard, it is necessary to identify the BIOS, PCB, and BOM (optional) revision of your motherboard first. Such as the support for CPUs might be different according to its revision.

  • BIOS Revision
    The BIOS revision can be found in the 2nd line from the boot screen OR on the green round sticker of your Jetway motherboard. For upcoming boards, you can find the BIOS file name in BIOS Main Menu.
  • PCB Revision
    The PCB revision number is a silkscreen on the PCB. You can always find it on lower left corner OR next to model number sticker label.
  • Optional BOM Revision
    For Jetway motherboards, on top (or bottom) of PCB you can find the following label indicating lot information. The BOM revision is shown on the last two digits. In the example below the BOM revision is “04”.