Q: Do all Jetway ITX boards have Auto Restart After Power Loss feature in the BIOS?
A: As with all boards that are ErP compliant, first need to disable the ErP in the BIOS, then the Power Status after Power Failure option will show.

Q: Why can't I get any display output when only installing one memory bar?
A: Memory on all 3rd gen Atom motherboards (Cedar Trail) must install SODIMM2 slot first when only installing one memory bar. The following boards are affected: NC9KDL-2550, NC9NDL-2550, NC9P-2550, NF9B-2550, NF9C-2800, NF9D-2550, NF9I-2550.

Q: What kind of OS can your Atom motherbaords (Cedar Trail) support?
A: All 3rd gen Intel Atoms (Cedar Trail) support Windows 7 32-bit only. There is no video driver available for other operating systems.

Q: If I don't need VGA driver support, what kind of OS can I install on your 3rd gen Atom motherbaords (Cedar Trail)?
A: Any 64-bit and 32-bit Windows and Linux can be installed on Jetway 3rd gen Atom motherbaords (Cedar Trail) without any problem.

Q: Why can't I fully use a hard drive greater than 2TB?
A: In order for an operating system to fully support storage devices that have capacities that exceed 2 terabytes (2TB, or 2 trillion bytes), the device must be initialized by using the GUID partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme. This scheme supports addressing of the full range of storage capacity. If you intend to start the computer from one of these large disks, your motherboard's base firmware interface must use the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) BIOS.

Q: Why Jetway motherboard's mini PCI-E slot cannot recognize my mSATA SSD?
A: Mini PCI-E is NOT mSATA. Only mini PCI-E / mSATA combo slots on Jetway motherboards can support mSATA devices.

Q: Can I install a 3rd gen Intel CPU (Ivy Bridge) on Jetway Intel 6 series chipset motherboards?
A: Yes, but may require a new BIOS to support it.


A08 BIOS or newer


A03 BIOS or newer


A01 BIOS or newer


A07 BIOS or newer


A05 BIOS or newer

Q: What is the difference between NC9B-HM67 and NC9BU-HM67?


With eSATA port


Without eSATA port

Q: What is the difference between NF96FL-525-LF and NF96U-525-LF?


With eSATA port


Without eSATA port

Q: J7F2 / J7F4 / J7F5M not seeing all RAM.
A: VIA CN700 /CX700M chipset can only support low density of memory. For 1GB, please select double-sided memory module.