- 2nd & 3rd Generation Intel® Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium Processor
- Embedded Long-life Series, 5 Year Availability
- Intel vPro Technology Eligible
- Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
- Supports iAMT 7.0 Function
- ECO-design for EuP/ErP

Jetway NAF92R-Q67 ATX Motherboard
Processor2nd & 3rd Generation Intel® Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium Processor
Socket LGA 1155 (Formerly Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge)
ChipsetIntel Q67 B3 (AKA Cougar Point)
Memory4 x DDR3-1333 Dual Channel (up to 32 GB)
GraphicsRequires Intel Core processor with Intel HD Graphics
AudioRealtek ALC662 5.1 Channel Audio
LAN1 x Intel 82579LM PHY Gigabit LAN (iAMT 7.0)
1 x Intel 82574L PCI-E Gigabit LAN
Storage2 x SATA3 6Gb/s & 3 x SATA2 3Gb/s supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
1 x mSATA 3Gb/s for embedded SSD
Super IOFINTEK F71869A
Back Panel Connectors
1 PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard
6 USB 2.0
2 RJ45 LAN (10/100/1000)
1 Serial Port (RS232)
3 3.5mm Audio

Onboard I/O Connectors
1 PCI-E 2.0 x16 Slot
1 PCI-E x4 Slot
1 PCI-E x1 Slot
1 mini PCI-E Slot
4 32-bit PCI Slot
2 SATA3 6Gb/s Connectors
3 SATA2 3Gb/s Connectors
3 USB Pin Headers for up to 6 additional USB 2.0 Ports
9 Serial header (1 x RS232/422/485; 8 x RS232)
1 TPM 1.2 header
1 Chassis Intrusion header
1 GPIO header
1 IR header
1 Parallel header
1 9-pin Audio header
1 4-pin CD audio-in header
1 Front Panel header
3 Fan headers
1 24-pin ATX Power Connector
1 8-pin 12V ATX Power Connector
Market Segments Supported
√ Digital Security & Surveillance
√ Digital Signage
√ Gaming
√ Industrial Automation/Control
√ Medical
√ Retail (POS/Kiosk/ATM)
√ Networking/Storage Server/Mail Server/Print Server
√ Thin Client

1 Depends on specific processors to support VT-d & TXT, please visit Intel website for details.

Ordering Info
Part Number Description
JNAF92R-Q67 ATX motherboard with Realtek audio chip
F04-257-F (Incl) IO shield for JNAF92R-Q67
G01-SATA3-BL-F (Incl) SATA3 cable
G01-COM9X3-30A-F (Incl) COM bracket
G02-DVD15-F (Incl) DVD driver disk
CPU & RAM Support
3rd Generation Intel® Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium Processor 2nd Generation Intel® Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium Processor
i7-3770K i7-2700K
i7-3770 i7-2600K
i7-3770S i7-2600
i7-3770T i7-2600S
i5-3570K i5-2500K
i5-3570 i5-2500
i5-3570S i5-2500S
i5-3570T i5-2400
i5-3550 i5-2400S
i5-3550S i5-2405S
i5-3475S i5-2500T
i5-3470 i5-2390T
i5-3470T i3-2120
i5-3450 i3-2105
i5-3450S i3-2100
i5-3330 i3-2100T
i3-3250 Pentium G850
i3-3250T Pentium G840
i3-3245 Pentium G620
i3-3240 Pentium G620T
i3-3240T Celeron G550
i3-3225 Celeron G550T
i3-3220 Celeron G540
i3-3220T Celeron G540T
i3-3210 Celeron G530
Pentium G2140 Celeron G530T
Pentium G2130 Celeron G470
Pentium G2120 Celeron G465
Pentium G2120T Celeron G460
Pentium G2030 Celeron G440
Pentium G2030T
Pentium G2020
Pentium G2020T
Celeron G1630
Celeron G1620
Celeron G1620T
Celeron G1610
Celeron G1610T
Memory Support
Advanced Tested Memory List
NAF92R BIOS A09 Release Date 2016-9-30
Description Support ALC662 audio chip.
Download  BA92AA09.zip
Installation Instructions 1. Prepare a MS-DOS bootable flash drive.
2. Download the zip file.
3. Unzip the file and copy to the flash drive.
4. Reboot the PC with the bootable flash drive into MS-DOS mode and run *.bat in command prompt.
5. Wait in suspense until the update finished.
Revised History [A08]. 1.Fix over 2G RAM VGA card boot issue. 2.Update Microcode.
[A07]. Support 22nm Ivy Bridge CPU.
[A06]. 1. Update ME options. 2. Fix COM address issue in OS.
[A05]. 1. Support GD25Q64 flashrom. 2. Update microcode.
[A04]. Fixed Intel VGA test tools issue.
[A03]. Supports PCIE Wake-on-LAN function after AC power loss. Display all bootable devices in BIOS. Add sysfan2 3/4 pin smart fan mode.
[A02]. Support AMIBCP V4.53 tools check sign-on message.
[A01]. Initial BIOS.

· Please do not flash the BIOS UNLESS your system has a BIOS-related issue. Flashing the wrong BIOS can cause irreparable damage to the system.
· Please be aware that by flashing this BIOS you agree that in the event of a BIOS flash failure, you must contact your dealer for a BIOS replacement. There are no exceptions to this policy. Jetway does not have a policy of replacing BIOS chips directly with end users.

Drivers for NAF92R
  Windows XP (32/64 bit) Windows Vista (32/64 bit) Windows 7 (32/64 bit) Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
Chipset  intelinf.zip  intelinf.zip  intelinf.zip  intelinf.zip
VGA  XP_32_bit.zip / xp_64_bit.zip  vista_32_bit / vista_64_bit  7_32_bit / 7_64_bit  8_32_bit / 8_64_bit
Sound  viahd1705.zip  viahd1705.zip  viahd1705.zip  viahd1705.zip
LAN  intellan.zip  intellan.zip  intellan.zip  intellan.zip
AHCI/RAID  f6flpy32.zip / f6flpy64.zip  f6flpy32.zip / f6flpy64.zip  f6flpy32.zip / f6flpy64.zip  f6flpy32.zip / f6flpy64.zip
RAPID App  iata_cd.zip  iata_cd.zip  iata_cd.zip  iata_cd.zip
iAMT 7.0  iamt70.zip  iamt70.zip  iamt70.zip  iamt70.zip
CIR  fintek_cir.zip  fintek_cir.zip  fintek_cir.zip  fintek_cir.zip
3.0  G03-NAF92-F.pdf
Power Consumption Report  Power Consumption Report
Temperature Test Report  Temperature Test Report
Watchdog/GPIO sample code  Watchdog and GPIO sample code for Windows and Linux